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Brazil: DBCA Elected Its Board of Directors for the Next 3 Years

The Brazilian Society of Film and Audiovisual Directors (DBCA) has elected its board of directors for the next 3 years, with audiovisual director and lawyer Henrique de Freitas Lima being reappointed as president to lead the organization that gathers and defends the rights of audiovisual directors in Brazil.

In the first part of his tenure, DBCA authorities focused on organizing the entity, consolidating its operation and technical staff to distribute resources from abroad, as they have not yet collected in Brazil.

Henrique de Freitas Lima, president of DBCA

"Procedures for distribution were simplified, the insertion of associates' works in the IDA and AVSYS platforms was increased, and operational costs were adjusted to our capabilities. We currently have an efficient and reduced technical team (Accounting, Legal Advisory, Technical Advisory, and Secretariat). Leaders work voluntarily until the financial situation improves," said Henrique de Freitas Lima in statements to AV Creators News.

The fight for Remuneration Rights in Brazil has been another task carried out by DBCA leadership. "We have done this through hiring legal advisors and, especially, through joint actions with other rights management societies (screenwriters and actors) to modify the country's Author’s Rights Law and definitively establish our right to collect," said the reelected president of the entity regarding a goal they were very close to achieving in 2023 "and we are optimistic about achieving it in 2024," he affirmed.

Active participation in international organizations has been a priority for DBCA leadership. "Both FESAAL, AVACI, and CISAC have supported us in the demands of the entity," said Henrique de Freitas Lima.

Challenges in the New Cycle

For this new term, which began on April 10, DBCA faces new challenges and ambitious goals. "One of the main objectives is to achieve the modification of the Author’s Rights Law in Brazil to clarify Remuneration Rights and begin the collection of rights both for the entity and for the Directors of the societies with which we maintain Reciprocity Agreements," said the president of the entity.

At the same time, the Brazilian society will seek to reinforce its participation in the international organizations of which they are members. "We want to be on equal terms with those that collect normally and achieve their objectives," concluded the director and president of DBCA.

The new board of directors of DBCA is composed as follows:

- President: Henrique Forster de Freitas Lima (Henrique de Freitas Lima), Audiovisual Director and Lawyer.

- Vice President: Maria Lúcia Toledo de Martino (Malu de Martino), Audiovisual Director.

- General Secretary: Sylvio Carlos Back (Sylvio Back), Audiovisual Director.

- Deputy General Secretary: Renato Fortes Barbieri (Renato Barbieri), Audiovisual Director.

- Treasurer: Helio Pitanga Marques da Silva (Helio Pitanga), Audiovisual Director.

- Treasurer: Antonio Rosemberg Moura (Rosemberg Cariry), Audiovisual Director.

- Director of Social Action: Hamsa Wood, Audiovisual Director.

- Director of Social Action: Alexandre Klemperer, Audiovisual Director.

- Director of Social Communication: Guilherme de Almeida Prado, Audiovisual Director.

- Deputy Director of Social Communication: Antonio Venturi Neto (Toni Venturi), Audiovisual Director.


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