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FESAAL's main aim is to protect and cooperate in the defense of author’s rights in Latin America through its regional Alliances ADAL - Alliance of Latin American Audiovisual Directors and ALGyD - Latin American Alliance of Writers and Playwrights, which with its assistance plans to emerging societies within the region, the Authors have obtained to organize in their territories and achieve recognition of their governments, fighting in the conquest of their rights with laws and regulations that protect them, thus also granting local management societies technical and economic support, necessary for its formation and its operation.


 of Latin American Audiovisual Authors Foundation of FESAAL



Nowadays and for the first time, Audiovisual Authors in Latin America not only have the recognition of their rights that allow them to live their lifelong works, but with a Federation - FESAAL - that makes the whole region even stronger that undoubtedly will continue to advance thanks to the collective struggle of the Screenwriting Authors and Directors in their inexhaustible defense for their rights.

Besides to acting in its own region, the Federation has as a parallel objective the cooperation with the International Alliances that protect the author’s rights in each of its territories not only with financial support, aimed at the growth of it, that help societies of Audiovisual Authors in their regions, but through international support in Latin American representation so that their laws of protection to a right of due remuneration be fulfilled by their government representatives.

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