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Authors’ Rights in Uruguay: new agreement between AGADU and DGU

On last October 25, the two organizations in charge of the management of authors’ rights in Uruguay executed a joint institutional agreement. They are AGADU - General Association of Authors from Uruguay- and DGU – Directors and Screenwriters from Uruguay-. The execution of this agreement took place two weeks before the performance of the Annual Meeting of FESAAL – Latin American Audiovisual Authors Societies Federation, federation both entities belong to, held in Punta del Este. Alexis Buenseñor and Diego Drexler -president and secretary general of AGADU, respectively, were present- as well as the authorities of DGU Javier Palleiro, Diego Fernández and Fernando Iglesias -president, secretary and legal adviser, respectively-.

Through this agreement with immediate effect, DGU recognizes the power of AGADU to collect, license and distribute the rights of authors of Audiovisual Authors from Uruguay. AGADU, through reciprocity agreements with collective management societies from countries around the world, collects and distributes royalties for Authors’ Rights from the entire world.

While DGU is the only civil association in the Uruguayan field entirely made up of Audiovisual Directors and Screenwriters, AGADU is a collective management society that represents the interests of film, television and theater Authors, as well as of scientist and visual and plastic artists. Founded in 1929, the repertoire of this pioneer entity regarding the defense of authors’ rights is comprised of national and foreign works. On its part, DGU, founded in 2021, was, until the execution of this agreement, the only collective entity with legal status authorized to negotiate the rights of authors of Audiovisual Authors. “From AGADU, we welcome you and expect a successful process of joint work”, the organization expressed through a statement on its web site.

The joint work between both societies, within the framework of a unified work of all the Audiovisual Authors from Latin America under the protection and technical and economic support from FESAAL, means excellent news for the culture and the audiovisual both, in Uruguay and in the entire region.


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