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FESAAL Technical Committee

Training sessions took place, with the presence of all member management societies of FESAAL. Latin America keeps moving forward for the defence of Authors´rights for their Audiovisual Authors, on their territory and all over the world.

FESAAL, together with its Executive Committee integrated by the management societies ARGENTORES, DAC and DASC, held training sessions for their member management societies, represented by their authors and technicians, these past May 8th and 9th in Buenos Aires. These sessions were held with the objective of announcing and introducing the new tools for collection and distribution, focusing on those societies which will soon begin to manage their associated Authors ‘rights, teaching their technicians how to use technology for this purpose, together with experts with years of experience, area directors of ARGENTORES and DAC societies.

The first session was held in DAC headquarters - an extensive training meeting where their participants benefited from a fruitful exchange of information and learning about the informatics system for managing and distributing of Authors´ rights.

Legal aspects of Authors‘ rights in Argentina, declaration of works and their registration stages; collection clearing and registration. One of the first societies of Latin America, SOGEM (General Writers ‘Society of Mexico) together with their President - Maestro Jesús Calzada, offered a presentation about Managing Authors´ Rights in Mexico, the strategy of SOGEM, which was key in this session.

The second journey took place in ARGENTORES headquarters, on a day where aspects of major importance about rights to equal remuneration were discussed; the management of international rights and its clearing, and the FESAAL-SYS - the major tool developed.

Training their representatives of the collective management societies grants them knowledge and tools for the correct management of societies that defend their authors' inalienable rights. Knowledge gives opportunities in defense of Authors ‘rights, to protect them in Latin America and around the world. The region is unprecedentedly advancing on this matter.


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