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Foi realizado o Congresso Anual de Sociedades de Autores Audiovisuais Latino-Americanos

A Federação de Sociedades de Autores Audiovisuais Latino-Americanos – FESAAL – realizou o Congresso Anual nos dias 02 e 03 de outubro no Hotel Hyatt Regency, na cidade de Cartagena das Índias, Colômbia, reunindo os autores representantes das sociedades membros, juntamente com seus técnicos, sendo o foco principal desse encontro a defesa dos direitos autorais na região.

After its Technical Committee Meeting, carried out in the city of Buenos Aires during this past month of May, the FESAAL – Federation of Societies of Latin American Audiovisual Authors – will hold their Annual Congress in the city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, during October 2nd and 3rd, which once again will gather Authors and representatives of the founder member societies together with their technicians, in a congress with a comprehensive agenda which will discuss the next objectives of the Federation, the territory´s current panorama regarding Authors´Righs and the cooperation and international collaboration which FESAAL is part of, together with their sister Alliances.

Representatives of the developing Latin American societies of Panama, Peru and Paraguay, adjoin to the Federation, will also be present, sharing the progresses they have had as well as their present needs, in each of the cases, in order to keep moving forward with the constitution of societies which represent the rights of Audiovisual Authors in each of their territories.

The first journey of this congress will include the first meeting of Latin American women of the audiovisual industry, a panel where all female Authors of the Federation will participate, which reunites them for the first time, with the purpose of discussing gender equality in the audiovisual industry in Latin America, to convey the necessary importance and global dimension of the need to continue working in the territory, towards gender equality in the audiovisual sector, exchanging experiences and debating about which gender policies should be achieved in the territory and how to work on them collectively, with the Societies as a starting ground.

For the inauguration of the Congress, and pronouncing the opening words, we will count with the welcome of the Major of Cartagena de Indias, Mr. Pedrito Pereira Caballero. Besides, Dr. Carolina Romero – Director of the National Direction of Authors ‘ Rights in Colombia, DNDA – will be present. She will take part in the annual FESAAL congress for the first time, to give the Authors a welcome and present an introduction of the actual situation regarding Authors´ Rights within the territory of Colombia.


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