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General Assembly of FESAAL 2022

During November 6th to 10th, FESAAL - - Latin American Audiovisual Authors Societies Federation annual general assembly will be held in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

The host society will be AGADU - -, the General Association of Authors of Uruguay, chaired by Alexis Buenseñor, will co-organize this event, which will bring together all the collective management societies of audiovisual law in Latin America, being the first meeting of the federation to be held in person since the last meeting held in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, last September 2019.

They will be present at the meeting Audiovisual Authors and advisors and legal representatives of the societies Argentores, DAC (Argentina), GEDAR, DBCA (Brazil), DASC, REDES (Colombia), ATN (Chile), AGADU (Uruguay), CREATORS Py (Paraguay), DACAP (Perú), EDAP (Panama) and SOGEM (México).

The Audiovisual Authors union from all over the continent in the same space is once again possible thanks to the joint work carried out by societies and federations of the continent, in pursuit of the recognition of authors rights and the right to remuneration. More than four years of unified work under the protection and technical, logistical and economic support of FESAAL allows us to glimpse a promising near future for Latin American Audiovisual Authors in terms of remuneration for the dissemination of their works, due to the signing of reciprocity agreements between societies, and the recent legislative sanctions that enable the right to collection in countries of the region.


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