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REDES and DASC sign a contract with the cable operator Tigo-Une

REDES SGC, the Colombian Network of Audiovisual Writers, Collective Management Society, announced last December 30 the execution of a contract with one of the three major cable operators within the Colombian territory. It involves Tigo-Une, the telecommunications company established in 2006 and based in Medellin. “We closed the year 2021 with a perfect finale”, Carlos Gaviria, vice-president of REDES, expressed with joy in a video broadcasted through his official YouTube account.

This contract between a cable television company and a collective management society, which defends the authors’ rights of Audiovisual Authors, turns Tigo-Une into the first national telecommunications company to comply with the Pepe Sánchez Law, which forces it to pay Audiovisual Authors the remuneration they are entitled to for the public broadcasting of their Works.

During 2021, REDES SGC also managed to sign a contract with channels 13 and 1 from Colombia, thus joining Caracol Television and RCN Television, pioneer stations concerning the recognition and payment of authors’ rights for Audiovisual Authors in Colombia. It is important to highlight that, before signing the contract, REDES was also able to execute a contract with Sol Cable Vision, a cable operator company from San Andres Islands, located in the northwest of the country, in the Colombian Caribbean.

At the same time, it is important to highlight that the collective management society DASC (Audiovisual Directors Colombian Society), has also executed its contract with Tigo-Une to collect the rights of authors of audiovisual directors.

As expressed by the member of REDES, Lizet Zarrate, in her broadcasting video, the authorities of Tigo-Une “were always willing to recognize in a clear and strong way the right to remuneration for public communication that we have achieved thanks to the Pepe Sánchez Law”.

On her part, Alexandra Cardona Restrepo, president of REDES, appreciated the company with “a very special recognition for the great disposition they had throughout the negotiation process, which made everything flow fast so that today we can share this great news with you”, before recognizing the work of ASB Consultants and of her own management entity. “Certainly, this is a big step that makes us have great expectations for 2022”, she concluded.


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