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Creadores PY and FESAAL summon Paraguayan Audiovisual Authors

From the seminar convened by the audiovisual authors Juanca Maneglia, Creadores PY President and Tana Schembori – General Secretary, next to FESAAL (Latin American Audivisual Authors Societies federation), represented by its members societies: DASC (Directors Colombia) with the presence of its President Mr. Mario Mitrotti, REDES (Screenwriters Colombia) with the presence of its President Mrs. Alexandra Cardona and SOGEM (Screenwriters México) with the presence of its President of the Directors Board, Gerardo Luna, and Carlos Mercado, Author of La Rosa de Guadalupe.

Creadores PY –Collective Management Organization for Audiovisual Authors of Paraguay – calls for their partners and new partners to the process of Declaration of Works. This call is destined to Directors, Producers and Screenwriters of audiovisual pieces who have premiered and commercialized their works and are Paraguayan nationals. It is also open to Paraguayan authors currently outside the national territory.

Creadores PY, society member of FESAAL (Latin American Audiovisual Authors Societies Federation) is a non profit entity dedicated to the administration, defence and protection of personal interests and compensatory remuneration rights of audiovisual directors, producers and screenwriters of Paraguay. The entity was officially established in the city of Asuncion, on July 18th. 2019. The founding members are Juan Carlos Maneglia, Tana Schembori, Rodrigo Salomon, Juan Manuel Salinas, Javier Facciuto, Ray Armele, among other audiovisual directors and screenwriters, with the legal advice of the law firm Gross Brown.

It is valid to highlight that, upon declaring the works in Creadores PY, the author grants the entity the capacity to work in favour of the rights to which they are entitled as audiovisual authors, and in this manner, to receive the corresponding fees for the replays of such works. To carry out this process it is necessary to download the forms Declaración de obras y Solicitud de ingreso, and to send them via email to Currently the entity counts with a temporary headquarters in Narciso Colman 1145.


-Declaration of works:

-Admission application: ​


Taking firm steps, with much expectation and hope, Creadores PY struggles for the defence of Authors ´Rights, and waits to welcome their audiovisual authors, to continue strengthening their rights within the national territory and internationally as well – always counting with the unconditional support of all Latin American sister societies.


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