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Panama: EDAP is authorized to operate as a collective management entity

The operation of Writers, Screenwriters, Playwrights and Audiovisual Directors of Panama (EDAP), was approved last Friday, August 20, by the National Authors’ Rights Authority of such country. It was so announced by its Board of Directors through a release in which EDAP expresses its gratitude to the movement of Audiovisual Authors for their support to the association.

The creation of EDAP has the aim to ease the management of authors’ rights for Audiovisual Authors, recognized to the Panamanian audiovisual movement by the Law on Authors’ Rights and Related Rights, enacted in October 10, 2012. This includes intellectual property rights concerning creations, and the promotion to spread information on the protection of such rights.

Today, EDAP is an operating collective management entity, which is part of the international alliances FESAAL (Latin American Audiovisual Authors Societies Federation) and AVACI (Audiovisual Authors International Confederation). Its operation will be regulated by the National Authors’ Right Office of Panama, which is the technical-administrative unit of the Panamanian Ministry of Commerce and Industries, in charge of recording, filing and protecting literary, artistic and scientific works of its country. Its implementation means another step forward concerning authors’ rights for Audiovisual Authors across the world.


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